I admit it, last night we decorated for Halloween, and it’s not even October. In fact it’s been so hot in LA the past few weeks you’d think it was the middle of summer. Except for the fact that my kids are already choosing their Halloween costumes and planning their October calendar to get in trips to the local haunted house, pumpkin patch, and costume store. When did Halloween start coming this early?

Halloween Craft: GIANT Kirigami Spider Webs

No matter, today I’ve got a paper Halloween craft for all you folks who loathe store bought decorations. We vacillate between both store bought and homemade and last year I made these GIANT Kirigami Spider Webs using Kraft paper. And these things are BIG!  Making them HUGE means they are perfect for your front door, or make smaller versions for all over your home!

Halloween Craft: GIANT Kirigami Spider Webs

Safety Note: FYI the GIANT version requires the use of sharp scissors and/or an Excato blade and should be done by adults only. But this project is so easy to downsize for the littler ones! Just use a small sheet of square paper and the instructions are the same!

Now before we get started let’s meet a this here thing called kirigami….

What is Kirigami?

Kirigami is a paper art, similar to origami, that involves cutting a folded piece of paper to create a design. If you’ve ever made a paper snowflake then you’ve done kirigami!

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GIANT Kirigami Spider Webs

Cutting Guide/Template



Halloween Craft: GIANT Kirigami Spider Webs

  • Step 1 Cut a 30” x 30” square out of kraft paper.
  • Step 2 Fold paper in half.
  • Step 3 Along the long side, fold the paper in half again but only make a crease at the center. Unfold.
  • Step 4 Using the crease as the starting point, fold one side of the paper at a roughly 60-degree angle.
  • Step 5 Repeat the 60-degree fold with other side of the paper.
  • Step 6 From the lowest folded triangular edge, draw a straight line across the triangle. Trim.
  • Step 7 Fold triangle in half.
  • Step 8 Tape open edges together with a strip of painter’s tape.
  • Step 9 Draw arc along the end of the triangle. From the taped side of the triangle draw ½” wide concentric arced slots according to the template shown.
  • Step 10 From the taped side, cut out the concentric slots. Start by cutting from the point of the triangle, cutting the larger slots last. Tip: At the inside corners of each slot, cut about 1/8” past the slot for clean corner cuts.

Halloween Craft: GIANT Kirigami Spider Webs

  • Step 11 Carefully unfold your paper spider web. The cut edges will want to stick together.
  • Step 12 Tape your spider web to a wall or window and add a fake spider for effect!


Looks Like

Peter Callesen. Peter Callesen is a Danish artist who creates intricate 3D “sculptures ” by cutting A4 sheets of white paper- that’s it. His work is absolutely beautiful and really makes you think about the amazing creations that can come from using simple everyday materials in a new way. He is an Everyday Creative hero! Read more about him and his work here and see some of the incredible 3D paper sculptures he has made from letter sized paper here.


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Halloween Craft: GIANT Kirigami Spider Webs